Promotional vase

Today, due to the growth of businesses and the expansion of customers, the need for promotional gifts is felt more than ever.
One of the stylish examples for advertising is promotional pots.
There are many different types of promotional pots.
Enamel and turquoise vases are handicrafts.
Art pots are higher in price than other promotional pots.
This type of vase can be produced with Plexiglas or wooden bases.
The bases can be offered to customers with lasers and license plates.
Ceramic and wooden vases are also available in the market.
These items have a more reasonable price.
Ceramic vases can print tampons, lasers and sublimation.
Wooden pots have laser capability.

It is worth mentioning that ceramic and wooden vases can be produced from artificial or natural flowers.
If natural flowers are used, flowers that need less water should be selected.
For example: cacti can be used.
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If you use wooden pots and natural flowers, an extra layer of resin should be applied inside the pot.
This will prevent moisture and damage to the pot.
It is also recommended to use artificial flowers in ceramic vases. Due to the presence of gypsum and dandruff, the glazes deteriorate after a while.
Of course, each product has a useful life, which is about 3 years in ceramic and wooden pots.
Depending on the storage conditions, this number can be more or less.
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