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Professional logo design

When you want to start a new business, having a logo may not be very important to you in the first place, but there is no big brand in the world that does not have a logo.
In fact, the logo is the basis of your brand identity and makes your brand remember the customer.
Choosing the right logo for your business is crucial.
Be very careful in choosing and designing your brand logo to see the result in the future.

What should we pay attention to when designing a logo?
Many factors must be considered in logo design. Here are some of them.

A good logo does not have to be complicated. Simple yet unique logos are spreading in the business world.
Take the Apple logo (a bitten apple), for example.
Of course, it would not be very special if it was just an apple, but a bitten apple is very effective at the same time.
Your logo should be remembered by customers to differentiate you from your competitors.
A logo that looks like other logos is easily forgotten.
A creative logo is better remembered.
Color is one of the most important factors in logo design.
Note that each color has its own meaning and conveys certain feelings and ideas.
Do not use very bright colors in the logo design, because it is difficult to see these colors.
Match business
A good logo should be in line with your business goals.
In fact, the logo represents the identity and goals of your business.
The logo should be good and legible in any size.
If the logo is not clear and legible when used in small sizes, for example for use in the header, it loses its meaning.
Also, the logo should be well displayed in large size and when displayed on billboards, posters, etc.

designing the business card

Designing and printing all kinds of business cards is done according to your taste.
Design and printing of business cards in various materials is possible.
It is possible to design according to your organizational color and job.

Graphic design of application pages

The logo and internal pages of the MasterPen application were designed by the Nojan Graphic team
This application has been designed for the Timurid study team

Graphic application design