We think of advertising beyond a simple design and printing.
With the advancement of technology since1995 , the advertising and digital marketing industry has changed dramatically.
So today, advertising has become an integral part of the business system.
How we manage our advertising costs to get the best returns and reach a good share of the target market with other competitors is .important

Nozhic Group is moving in the direction of advertising, marketing, branding and digital marketing with the capital of young, committed and creative manpower and after several years of experience and gaining experience with double workforce. Nojik Group strives to play an effective role in developing its customer market and raising audience awareness.

Nozhic Advertising Group started its activities in 2006 on a limited basis.
But with a lot of effort and with the help of creative youth and perseverance, he expanded his activities day by day. First, it provided printing machines for the production and printing of paper advertisements.

Then he added the production of various promotional gifts and wooden and special promotional gifts to the collection.
At present, it specializes in designing and printing all kinds of paper advertisements, table flags and ceremonies, special and luxury promotional gifts, virtual page management, and site design and virtual marketing.